There is another new gadget for IT personnel, a storage and backup component for businesses. The new Buffalo TeraStation 5000 series of SM B-centric file and backup servers have just charged their way into Malaysia. These NAS are designed to be easy to both set up and operated by SMB owners, without a real need for technical experts on hand.

TeraStation 5000 Series

The TS 5000 uses an intuitive web interface that is split to two modes: Simple and Advanced. Simple Mode allows users to get things up and running with little technical training, as well as managing the system and its network. The NAS is powered by Intel Atom dual-core processor and 2GB of DDR3, which is good for seamless multitasking. The TS 5000 is also capable of working as both a NAS and IP SAN.

TS500 2 Bay

On the security side, the TS 5000 has a Failover Feature, a Buffalo-exclusive feature that allows users to configure the TS 5000 to backup its data to a second TeraStation, in the event the first one fails. The TS 5200D prices from RM1,499 (enclosure only) to RM4,499 (6TB), while the TS 5400D is at RM1,999 (enclosure) and varying to RM7,999 (12TB). More information on  Buffalo TeraStation 5000 series may visit

TS5400 4 Bay