2 Week to Delivered
Back to my previous post at: Ubuntu (Season 1) at 23rd MAY 2007, i have apply the free CD on Ubuntu website, then it say 10 week to deliver, but yesterday night when i back home, i saw a packet put at my table. It took only 2 week to arrive. Very fast.

What insite the package
Wow, this is fast, it only took 2 week only, inside this package, it have 3 Original Ubuntu CD and 3 pieces of Ubuntu Sticker.

In this package, include 1 pieces of Ubuntu CD for 64bit and 2 pieces of Ubuntu CD for 32 bit. For the 64 bit are suitable for high end PC and 32 bit suitable for normal PC.

This is really a suprise, the free CD really deliver to my door step. SO what do you waiting for, sign up 1 for your self, but remember to donate them once you have extra cash, i will donate them soon in the future, due to currently i still not yet earn money with blogging yet.