Imageshack is once of the online Picture sharing service. I use this service long long time ago when my Uni time, my course mate, CheinYean, who introduce me this service when we are doing our HTML web design subject.

ImageShack actually have a problem when u upload the picture, after you sign in, you must upload the picture one by one, if i have 10 picture, i need to upload 10 times by click:

Browse -> host it! -> get the detail ->click on the frog picture -> Repeat again for 2nd picture

Click the frog to host another picture

The above method are too troblesome and slow if we need to upload 10 or even more picture. There are a tips and trick for upload a lot of picture with by pass the above step

With using above link, you are actually save a lot of step. After you login to this website, just access the above URL This page give you very easy step, every host u click, a new windows comming out.

Browse -> host it! ->New windows comming out-> browse another picture -> host it! -> anothet windows comming out

All the windows pop up will give you the upload result and detail of the image URL If you feel that the this URL, press CTRL + D to bookmark it.