Did USD depreciate is a good news to us?
Since the US Dollar is the international trading currency, the depreciation bring good and bad to us, some business man will feel good for them, because they can pay cheaper for the product.

Advantage for Business Man
Let us say Malaysia Ringgit, last time malaysian need to pay RM3.80 for 1USD product, now after depreciate of USD, they only pay RM3.40 for 1USD product, save RM0.40 for each 1USD.

Disadvantage for USD keeper
I still remember few year back, 1 of my friend, Mr.B, he plan is to go Korea alone for 2 week trip, he ask me accompany him, carry RM20,000 to money changer at sg.Wang plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Each of us average carry RM10,000. The exchange rate is RM3.8:1USD, so we have change approx. 5263USD.

He flight there only 3 days and wanna to come back already, because too boring to travel alone, he spend less than 1000USD there. He still keeps the USD until now. Let’s say he left 4000USD, current rate is RM3.40:1USD, he still left RM13600 (before depreciation is RM15200) loss RM1600

Disadvantage for me
2 week back, when I purchase some stuff online and pay by my credit card with google checkout,  charge RM34.30, but there was no stock, so refund; when i check my statement, it show refund RM33.44, loss almost 1 buck. Click the below picture to enlarge.

Other than this, as a blogger, most of us who earn money online are USD, the depreciation also bring harm to us Bloggers! Am I Right?…