This evening once of my Ex-Colleague told me he connect 2 laptop with a UTP cable/Network cable, but unable to play Counter Strike…

What is the problem if you having this kind of question?

  • Game problem?
  • Networking Problem?
  • Laptop problem?

Still remember when I starting as an IT officer, some time my solution are not accurate, and I need to think & try few solution then only works or solve the problem…As times goes by, my solution become more and more accurate. Hope my skill can improve more in near future.

Ok, back to my friend problem, i ask him to check on the UTP cable color code, just like as below. Check the arrangement of the color code on both head and tail

This is Straight Ethernet Cable, both head and tail same color arrangement. T-568A standard which was ratified in 1995, wheres replaced by the T-568B standard in 2002. (Currently using this Standard)

This is Crossover Ethernet Cable or so-called CROSS CABLE (Above), the easy way to remember, is one end using the T-568A standard and the other end using the T-568B standard. Or simply switch the Green set of wires in place with the Orange set of wires.

CROSS CABLE use to connect 2 same device together, such as PC to PC without passing hub or router or connect HUB to HUB . At the end, my Ex-Colleague found that his wire are not CROSS Cable… This is the different between this 2 type of cable.

By follow the above UTP color code, you able to crimp the correct network cable/utp cable. Need more information on how to crimp, video tutorial will come up shortly.