People are talking about PDA mobile all around the conner, especially iPhone, I can see most of the blogger talk about this, but do they really have 1? I don think so… My self also don’t have, but last time I working before at PDA mobile shop as a part time sales personnel.

While I working there, most of the buyer don have software source. They will bring their device back for us to install software. Most of the customer will ask whether where to obtain video.

If you are PDA phone user, you may watch what you want at Avot mV’s Product site, there are million of video you may search at video sharing website with the software that you download at Avot mV’s, there are 3 way to download it

  1. Download directly with your Mobile device, access
  2. Download to client, use your desktop, select your mobile-related information, then the file will be send to your mobile phone.
  3. Download to your PC, after that only use ActiveSync software to install to your mobile device.

This Avot mV’s Corporate Site‘s software are free for download, recomended to use with mobile data plan such as 3G unlimited internet access. it supported for WIFI enable device too.

You may obtain more information though Avot Media Blog, such as software update and latest news about this Avot mV website