Private Hoster LogoWhile we talk about website, web design, home page, we must mention also on hosting, a cyber space to store our website or html file.

Few criteria to look for a webhosting, some people look for cheap, some look for budget, some look for reliability. Other then this, people consider the space and bandwith. You can find the list of hosting over They provide a list of most famous web hosting around the world, hosting directory and also related article.

If you have no idea to look for hosting, you also may search base on the above criteria, the result will satisfy your need. Few requirement you need to be aware, some hosting only allow you to hosted 1 domain name only, and some allow to host up to 10, even some hosting company allow to host unlimited domain name.

I do own a hosting business as mention early, and I wish my website can be listed there one day in the future. Base on our concept, we don’t sell cheap, we provide budget hosting, because we believe cheap hosting are no quality.

We provide various web hosting, from basic to advance, our basic Private Hosting was 1G space, 10G bandwidth, which can hosted up to 5 domain name only sell at $35, and domain name as low as $5 when purchase our basic package.