A lot IT personal are confusing when they come to purchase a WebEx plan. Local vendors usually propose WebEx flex plan and the plan differs from the plan show in WebEx.com (a.k.a WebEx Online). So, what are the major differences and comparison between WebEx Flex plan vs WebEx online?

Below information is not available in public, is an internal resource which show the key differentiations for WebEx Flex meeting vs WebEx online.

WebEx Flex plan vs WebEx online

Key Different Between WebEx Flex plan vs WebEx online

From the above comparison chart, we can conclude that

    1. Flex Plan offers more license or so call more seats. If your organization needs over 100 licenses in the future, go with Flex plan, it allow to purchase unlimited license whereas WebEx online maximum only 100 seats.
    2. For the WebEx meeting participant, WebEx online has a limit of 200 participants, whereas WebEx flex plan offers 1000 participants in the meeting.
    3. If you require support center, event center, training center feature, it only available in WebEx Flex plan, WebEx online don’t offer such features.
What do you need to know about WebEx Flex Plan?
  1. Bill by Cisco WebEx directly. Charge on your credit card. Suitable for Individual or Small Business as usually Business owner can pay them self using a personal credit card, Corporate user have difficulties to pay by their own and claim to the company.
  2. Manage the subscription your self.
  3. Some Myth on WebEx online (WebEx.com):
    • Question: Some say WebEx.com only sell to US and Canada user, other country not allowed to subscribe?
    • Answer: Indeed when the product line was first launched, it only for US and Canada, yet now available for almost every country in the world. Ref: https://help.webex.com/en-us/n6fwepj/Where-is-Cisco-Webex-Available
What do you need to know about WebEx Flex Plan?
  1. Bill by Cisco Authorize service provider, you might need to sign a maintenance contract with the service provider and any changes or modification for your WebEx account, you may go through them.
  2. WebEx Flex Plan comes with 2 common subscriptions: Name User vs Active User.
  3. Name User you may subscribe minimum 1 seat (1 name user license), whereas Active user is a minimum 40 seat (40 name user license)

That all for the differences and comparison between WebEx Flex plan vs WebEx online, I will update more information here once I get a further update.

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