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How i become a webmaster?
Other then a little bit knowledge on web design. i still need to look for more knowledge beside simple web design, such as FTP (file transfet protocol), SEO (search engine optimization), Free hosting, Domain name, and much more.

Forum are very useful part in my webmaster life. I have participate few year back, and also I have join last year and gain alot of knowledge there. Below are list of forum that i know, some are not very famous, but as long can gain some information, it consider a good forum!

Forum that I Visit :

Today, let me show and comment some of the following forum, some are suibable for blogger, webmaster, beginner and semi professional webmaster cum blogger. – Most are malaysian webmaster in the forum, I start my webmaster life here. The boss from this forum is nice, i learn some knowledge from him in wordpress. i also win a member of the month on last December 2006, the prize is webhosting packege worth RM199. Beginner webmaster able to gain useful knowlewdge here. – The name for this forum is come from a computer shopping complax at KL – Malaysia (Low Yat Plaza), any hardware, software or computer related can find from there, you also able to find hardware pricing there. Suitable for IT and non IT literate person who would like to know about IT. – If not mistaken, this forum own by Mr.Liew, malaysia 1st fulltime blogger, his blog is , he is all the blogger’s sifu. This forum mostly talk blogging. New Blogger able to gian some knowledge here

Domain Dashboard – This forum mostly discuss on domain name, .com .net .org and much more. If u looking for a domain, this forum are very suitable for u. Benefit for this forum are, you able to earn ddpoint in each post, the point able to exchange free domain. If you don’t want to spend any single cent to have a domain, u can participate this forum.

Digital Point – This forum are also webmaster forum, i not really participate much in this forum yet, but i can saw alot of good deal in there, such as link exchange, buy link and sell link, and alot’a marketing skill. Online member will more more then 3000 in every second. i will wash my ass and ready to go for this forum after this post. Suitable for semi professional webmaster, beginner will feel confuse for the jargon there.

Blogger Forum – i just get know this forum from my blogger friend, not really sign up also, not much comment on this forum.


Site Sift Forums – This forum also a webmaster forum, very quiet forum, the member are not very active. Recomemded for very new webmaster or not even a webmaser who looking for some knowledge on web design.

Well, at last, Guys… Open your eye big big, the forum below are most of the female member. wii~wik~

Malaysian Babes Forum – I get know this forum when i googling the key word ” Malaysia Forum” few years back, but now the SERP seen like drop, i only can get it on the 2nd page when i googling. This forum are talking on fashion, cosmatic, skin care, make up and muchĂ‚ more girl stuff, most of the member are female. Beware, internet.