Penang Blogger Meet was great, I manage to get know some new blogger, also those blogger who I known but never face to face meet before.

Bloggiful World Group Photo

I have snap a many times during this moment all blogger gather for group photo, to see all the picture (Approximate 13s), you can visit my another website, name Dream Networkz which author by few blogger, Bloggiful Gathering Group Photo are here,

Also, other then all Penang Blogger together-gether at this event, shouter also will not missing at this moment, see! all my shout shout family member are here.

shouter family photo

Few of family member I have never seem them before, very happy to meet those new family member such as Sherlyn, PingPing, Regina, Adelene, also once of the potential shouter.

Well, if you wish to join our family and shout together with us, you always can join shoutout here, so far this is the 4th family photo I take with them ๐Ÿ™‚