DNS, so-called Domain Name Server!

Most of the IT personnel know how to configure the Domain Name Server or DNS IP during manual configure on IP address, but does them really know how it works?

Without this DNS address, normally the PC can’t access to internet… Is it the gateway to access Internet??? Nope… You have already set the gateway at above the DNS.

Gateway normally is the modem router or server IP address… Not related to DNS

What is DNS (What is Domain Name Server)?
DNS is a server which store a list of IP address and Domain, lets say

www.iCalvyn.com =

www.Cari.com.my =

www.LowYat.net =

When you type an URL in your Internet browser (Internet Exporer or Mozilla FireFox), 1st thing, your computer will send the URL to the DNS server, find the URL and see is which IP, then only goes to the website with that IP

FYI, every computer device communicate thought IP address, IP address just like out house address.

As an easy example, DNS is just like a directory, if you wanna to find Mr.David Lee Tat Wei’s house, you will not direct arrive, you need to seek the directory, match the name and then found the home address. For example:

Name = Domain Name

Home Address = IP address

As picture below, you are visitor, when you type an URL, your Internet browser will 1st check with your DNS server, found the address, send back to your computer, then your computer only access that IP Address.

For your Information, below are TIME NET & TMNET DNS, you may try either one for your IP configuration

Time Net

TM Net

Information Provide by Wing Loon:


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Global DNS

Oopen DNS

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OpenNIC (AU,QLD ) (AU,QLD) (FR) (FR) (SE) (UK) (US,CO) (US,DE) (US,MN),TX)