What is Quality Score in Bing Ads? Quality scores show how competitive your keywords are compared to other advertisers and how it can help you focus your optimization efforts to improve campaign performance. You can find quality scores in your keyword performance reports and in your keywords list.

What is Quality Score in Bing AdsThere are three elements to a quality score.

  • Expected click-through rate,
  • Ad relevance and
  • Landing page experience.

Let’s look at each one and what it measures.

Expected Click-Through Rate

Expected click-through rate reflects how well your keyword competes against other keywords targeting the same traffic. This score predicts whether your keyword is likely to lead to a click on your ads, taking into account how well your keyword has performed in the past, relative to your ads’ position. Example out of 10 impression the ads been show to visitors, 1 click been taken vs 100 impression the ads been shows, 1 click been taken.

Ad Relevance

Ad relevance shows how relevant your ad and landing page are to the client’s search query or other input. This score emphasizes the importance of tightly organized ad groups and ad copy that is closely related to your keywords and landing pages.

To improve the score, make sure your ads and landing pages are relevant to your keywords which, after all, are what your clients are searching for. Your Microsoft ads agency or consultant usually will advice you to match your keyword toward your landing page to increase the ad relevance.

Landing Page

The landing page experience score describes whether your landing page is likely to provide a good experience to customers who click your ad and land on your website. Pages containing content commonly found on other websites (obviously your content is not unique or attractive), or that simply redirect users to advertising links, will probably receive a landing page experience score of below average and will have limited eligibility to run.

In another word. When your landing page is attractive and full of relevance information, visitor will stay long and indirectly your bounce rate will be very low.

Ads quality score components

This table above shows the potential scores for each of the quality score components. Keywords with scores of Above Average, or Average, are eligible to serve ads on Bing and Yahoo search results pages. Keywords with scores of Below Average will have limited eligibility to serve ads in response to search queries.

Ads quality score

What is Quality Score in Bing Ads?

The expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience scores are combined to create an aggregate between 1 and 10. Keywords with a quality score of 5 or less are a good place to begin your optimization efforts.

Remember that a low quality score can limit the eligibility of your ads, even if your campaigns have plenty of budget and competitive bid prices.

For more information about what is quality score in Bing Ads and tips for improving them, check out Bing Ads’ Help. Alternative you may contact your ads consultant or Microsoft advertising agency in Malaysia.