Not much people understand what is Search engine optimization (SEO) and how it works. SEO is designing your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, and other search engines. SEO is getting more traffic from the search engines to your website and improving the ranking of the site in the search results.

One of the most effective SEO strategies is to use keywords in your website content that are related to the primary keywords visitor are likely to type into a search engine.

what is search engine optimization

What is Keyword Research?

When a webmaster wants to increase the number of visitors to a website.

One of the first things he/she does is to discover the search terms that most efficiently drive them to the site.

We know this as Keyword Research. Keyword research is one of the most important first steps in search engine optimization planning.

The Importance of Keywords in Website Optimization In the context of optimization, keywords are the words or phrases that define the website’s content. Keywords are the tools that search engines used to match search queries with websites.

To identify the right keyword, we make use of keyword research tools.

keyword research can be a time-consuming process but the time invested in it will pay off in the long run as your site will begin to appear for more search terms.

How do search engine optimization works?

Search engines are not “black boxes” in which their algorithms automatically sort your incoming queries and return the best results to you. They are, in fact, like any other complex human-made technology, and they are continually evolving to meet the needs of the public.

After identifying the right keyword, we configuring the keywords in the page title, content, meta tags, and headers, optimize until your site ranks higher in the search results.

While we optimize our website, we had to make sure we use the keyword without over-optimization and do not violate Google’s guidelines.

We did not want to risk our website to get banned from search engine because of over optimization.

For example, if your website is about “property in penang”, you do not want to repeatedly use the same keyword on every page of your website because it might get your website banned from search engine.

What are the benefits of search engine optimization and how it would help your business?

It is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your website and increase its visibility in search engines. SEO also provides a significant number of long-term benefits.

With SEO, your business gets to dominate search rankings and increase its visibility.

Thus enabling it to receive an influx of new leads as well as improve its overall conversion rates.

Several immediate benefits are:

Increases Website Ranking In Seach Engine Result  

With SEO, you can optimize until your website rank at first page in Search engine. It helps to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine results page (SERP).

Increase website traffic.  

Eventually when you rank high in a search engine, your website will get a lot of traffic.

In order to gain that kind of traffic, you need to go through all the steps of SEO. So, this is all about how SEO helps you get high ranking in search engines.

Increase of Conversion

Finally, improve in conversion, increase the sales and conversion to your website.

Type of Search Engine Optimization

Type of Search Engine Optimization

Until here, I believe you have basic understanding on what is search engine optimization. There are two most important factors in Search Engine Optimization, on page SEO and off page SEO.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

On page refers to the optimizing the content of the page itself; which includes elements such as content optimization, page speed optimization, website architecture, internal linking and pleasant user experience. It also includes elements such as search engine friendly URLs, image alt tags.

This means that search engine can easily crawl a website, index its content, and return a catalog of its pages, images, the behavior of visitors to the site,

Search engine will understand what is your website about, how well your website structured.

Off Page SEO

Off page refers to the external factor such as how other’s talking about your website, which refers to back link, social activity, social shares, mentions, and local citations.

Building back link will help your website rank higher; back links are links from other sites that point to your site. It is an external vote of confidence about the content of your site.

Search engines give more weight to sites that have a lot of back links. Building back links will also help your website go viral. When you build back links, you get more eyes on your website. Imagine, like everyone is talking about you.

Keep in mind that not all back link is helpful for your website, some of back link may bring terrible impact to SEO of your website,

So it’s important to know how to build quality back link for your website.


Now you know what is search engine optimization and how it works, If you are thinking about creating a website to get organic traffic, then you should definitely use the tried-and-true SEO methods. In the end, they yield the best results, at least in the long term.

If you are looking to improve your website rankings, you must focus on several points I mention above, such as keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

If you need more knowledge, you might be interested to join my digital marketing course or search engine optimization course.

Hire a search engine optimization agency

Alternative, if you are new to SEO, it will take a lot of time to rank a website. So, I’ll suggest that you hire a SEO agency, to help your business boost its visibility online. Getting a good SEO company to work for you is the best way to soar in the internet world, let them do all the heavy lifting. This will not only help you get more traffic to your site but will also increase your revenue, it is a good investment thought.

SEO agency usually will help you create SEO optimize content, optimize your current website or webpage and build quality back links,

They will also organize some digital marketing campaign and make your website gain more good social signal.