Recently my boss has hire another new staff, to take the dispatch position. In my company, the space are not so big, due to new staff come in next week, we need to arrange a place for the new staff.

I need suggest to my boss, to purchase extra table, chair and cabinet too. Actually, I am the most hardworking staff (just kidding), my table full of thing, all the document also need to put on top of monitor, some more 2 monitor in my table and a laptop… “Boss, I need more space” 🙁 especially office storage to put my document.

Other then this, I need a lockers too, to put my laptop during I out to client side for technical support. filing cabinets also, to put all the document and paper works.

I would suggest my boss to buy from, this company is form at 1986, who have a lot of experience on furnishing. They begin online business from 2006, until now, they have a great website which sell wide range of office furniture also have online catalog to view the furnish.

Not just a normal furnisher, they also have their own unique design, and the product they produce have 8 year guarantee. After 8 year, if the furnisher defect, i think is a good and enough time to let us change new furnisher already 🙂