Looking for a better way to connect with your customers and showcase your products and services? check out the WhatsApp business application and it’s business profile feature.

whatsapp business feature

Here’s how to get started, install the WhatsApp business application either from the google play store or apple app store, if you already have a WhatsApp messenger account you can move your media and chat history to the WhatsApp business application in just a few steps. You may also refer my step by step migration from WhatsApp to WhatsApp business, from backup to google drive until restoration. After done, you may enjoy the 8 WhatsApp business feature, I guarantee it will definitely benefit for your business.

If you’re new to WhatsApp, verify your number to create an account, after verifying your number fill out your business name and business category and data profile picture then tap next, now it’s time to start building your business profile

Business profile will work as a micro website in WhatsApp, use your business profile to tell customers about your business, where to find you, and the products and services that your business offers.

You may also tell them when you’re available, your opening hour, and share details like your business email, website or social media accounts, so your customer know about other ways to connect with you.

The unique features in business profile help you save time and energy allowing you to focus on what really matters, connecting with your customers, increasing sales and growing your business, check out the business settings menu for more tools to help drive your business.

List Of 8 WhatsApp Business Feature:

  1. Business profile
  2. Catalogue
  3. Away message
  4. Greeting Message
  5. Quick Replies
  6. Labels
  7. short link
  8. Statistics

Checkout below 20 minutes mini course, this FREE course introduction to WhatsApp Business & it’s feature, in this mini course, I have explain the WhatsApp business feature and how it benefit your business.