Did you face before the server which hosted your website get overloaded? While server overload, our website is unable to access or hardly access. This kind of situation mostly come while peak business hour, and high traffic access the web server.

As an administrator at the data center, they require to suspended some of the website that have high traffic which cause the server overload. The website owner will sure be frustrated when his/her website get suspended. If the administrator did not suspended the particular website which cause problem, the rest of the website in the same server will become victim.

While this situation happen, the owner of the website which get suspended sure will said “I did not exceed my bandwidth usage, How come suspended me?“. In this case it is not much related to the amount of bandwidth usage on your website.

The server overload happen in your server, when each hit on yours/other website, the server need to execute some process/script, and database query. All this transaction take CPU usage and Memory consumption. We call this as Resource Intensive. If one of the website take up too many resources intensive and make the server overloaded, the particular website muse be suspended, so that did not affect the other website loading time.

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