Recently i plan to change cell phone, but i did not have high requirement, just need to make call, SMS and a camera.

My 1st cell phone was Nokia 3610, my granpa give me, but i dun know where he get it. Then my following phone was Nokia N-gate QD, cost me RM800+, toke my whole month salary and i using it for 2 year then “Kong” already, repair need around RM200, so just forget it.

After my QD spoil, my father have extra Nokia 3310, so i just down grade my self, but due to the 3310 are in bad condition, after few month also half “Kong”, and my sister just change cell phone and pass her old PANASONIC A100 (Pink color).

OMG, is PINK, alot of friend loughing at me, said like girl girl cell phone. I think is time to change, so i just plan to buy either Nokia 5300 or 6300

This is Nokia 6300, curent price was RM700++ , 2 mega pixel camera and look more class. Very slim, and business like

This is Nokia 5300, the price is around RM630, 1.3 mega pixel only and it look stylist. Can slide up, look more sporty

Pricing different RM100 and i did not get any comment on both of this phone, how u guys feel? which one should i choose?