Actual Disk Space Calculation and Simple Math Disk Space Calculation!!! Which you prefer?

Most of us will be very curious, why our actually hard disk space does not match with the amount of disk space when we purchase?

For example our 2GB Pen drive, when we check on the disk space, the total space was 1.87GB only (Red Arrow), where another 0.13GB or 130MB missing?

See the image above, the red arrow show 1.87GB, but the green arrow show 2,014,621,696 bytes which already more then 2 billion bytes.

Actual DIsk Space Calculation vs Simple Math Disk Space Calculation

When we talk about actual disk space calculation, bytesKilo bytesMega bytesGiga bytesTera bytes… The disk space is actually count by:

1KB = 1024bytes

1MB = 1024KB (1048576 bytes)

1GB = 1024MB (1073741824 bytes)

1TB = 1024GB

When talk about simple math disk space calculation, the calculation are

1K (kilo) = 1000

1M (Million) =1,000,000

1B (Billion) = 1000,000,000

1T (Trillion) = 1000,000,000,000

For 2GB Pen Drive, if base on disk space calculation, suppose to have 2048MB, , but if base on simple math calculation, 2GB equal to 2Billion is 2,000,000,000 bytes only.

So, how does this actually calculate?

Actual Disk Space Calculation,
Let me give some disk space calculation 1st

Base on the converter, 2GB Disk Space suppose to be = 2048MB = 2,097,152KB = 2,147,483,648Bytes

2,147,483,648 Bytes (Actual 2GB Space) minus 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion Bytes), it is about 147,483,648 bytes. Total different 147MB, which mean if the manufacture use the disk space calculation, then suppose to be 2.15GB disk space for a Pen Drive

Simple Math Disk Space Calculation,
Let see how simple math calculation

Base on the converter, 2GB Disk Space suppose to be 2 billion bytes (2,000,000,000)

2,000,000,000 Bytes equal to 1.86GB only, Total different 140MB, which mean if the manufacture use the simple math calculation, then our pen drive space will be 2GB minus 140MB, and left approximate 1.86GB

Manufacture are base on simple math calculation to provide us disk space, unlike our ram, when we have 1GB ram, it show 1024MB ram in our computer.


Same to 1 Tera Bytes Hard Disk Space, the bigger size the bigger different, and actual disk space only 931GB, which mean 69GB has been missing πŸ˜›

Base on the simple math calculation, the 1Tera Bytes is about 1,000,000,000,000 bytes (1 trilion bytes), when using the bytes converter, it will show approximate 931GB.

This is how the hard disk space calculation, so which disk space calculation you prefer?