Photography, is once of the expensive hobbies among other, some professional photographer own a 20K(MYR) camera body and few lence that worth 20K to50K

How Expensive is a Professional like Camera
When i was secondary school, i have a classmate, LTK, who have a good background, he own a few camera which is very big size and expensive, and few more big size lens. That time i still don’t know how much it worth. Until one day, when once of my classmate, Jon, plan to buy a camera for his vacation, LTK agree to borrow Jon, but Jon don’t dare to accept it. The whole set of camera LTK borrow to Jon worth 30K MYR, Jon just wonder once the camera loss, he have to bare the loss

  1. Camera Body worth 9K++
  2. Lens Worth 20K++
  3. Memory Card worth 1K++
  4. Total will be more then 30K, that time a “Kancil”(Car) also worth this price.

I like it, does mean i am rich
When i was college time, i have a friend who are the president on the photography society, to support him, I join photography society. I also bought a camera, consider a Semi- Professional or Semi SLR(Single Lens Reflex) like camera. Minolta Z1(picture behind), this camera cost me Rm1300(body only) and I have bought memory card, battery and tripod separately, total up is RM1600++, the quality are not bad if have sun light, but if night shoot, not so satisfy. Soon, i will get my 2nd baby, probably go for Nikon D80 or Canon 400D, which is a real SLR camera

Places for me to learn photography
Other then college society,i also attend a Buddhist Center at Penang which offer RM1 per month for the photography class, 1 week once. I have started to join and learn a lot of photography knowledge there. Once of the outing that i have participate is night shoot.

My 2 cent
I like photography is because i want to keep good memories on my life, all the happy event, people I meet, may not be happen 2nd time on my life.

Life is short, just for example, college class photo, will you able to gather all your class mate to take the 2nd picture 5 or 10 year? You may not able to, so picture is the most valuable memories in our life