CloudFlare is know as a solution which enhance your website’s security, operation and performance. CloudFlare provides a proxy in between site visitor and CloudFlare’s server that can cache website content also filter our malicious traffic prior to it hits your web hosting server. CloudFlare is great for every website, which include dynamic and static website.

with and without cloudflare

Advantage of using CloudFlare

  • Website overall performance enhanced, a standard website with CloudFlare loads two time faster then without using CloudFlare
  • CloudFlare offer bot and threat protection, it makes use of data coming from 3rd party website, together with the data from the neighborhood, to recognize malicious threats on the Internet and avoid the hits earlier then it even access to your website.
  • Spam comments also been protected from CloudFlare, it utilized data from own neighborhood as well as 3rd party guide to eliminate the amount of spam comment to your website.
  • CloudFlare also notifying visitor of infected workstation, it notify human visitor with an contaminated workstation that they must make a change to clear on the virus or malware in their computers.
  • In case your web server unabailable, your visitor still able to access your website because CloudFlare provides the visitor a access your website from it’s cache
  • To reduce your webhosting’s CPU ultilization, CloudFlare diversify your traffic with it resources and less request and hits to your web hosting server, this reduce the CPU usage of your web hosting account.
  • CloudFlare’s New Website Analytics system retains statistics for every hits and provides unique insight of search engine spiders and threats.

CloudFlare’s worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network) provide 13 or more server around the globe. The CDN instantly caches your static page at those server (or so called distributed your content to the globe) therefore the static page will be located nearer to your visitor when delivering your dynamic website content straight from your web hosting server

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