Yahoo sell very cheap domain at $1.99, but the renew fees is killing! 3 time more the normal renew fees.

Some webmaster tent to ask why yahoo domain still charge me even my domain name already transfer out?

Well, it might be the bug for Yahoo Domain’s System! The system will charge your credit card $34++ even your domain name is already transfer out to other registrar.

How to avoid Yahoo Domain Name Charge me extra?
It is simple, you just require to cancel your plan at Yahoo Domain Name. but don’t worry, only cancel for Yahoo Domain, the rest of the service such as Yahoo Mail will be remain.

Ok, here is the step by step to cancel plan for Yahoo Domain Name.

1. Login into or
Click on “cancel plan”, it will bring you to another page.

yahoo domain

2.Just provide them some feedback. I will recommend you mention how expensive their renews fees are! and hit “continue”

3. This page will give you some warning, it will mention once you cancel, you will lost access to the domain control panel tools. By the way, your domain already trasnfer to other register, so this has no worry.

Just hit “cancel my plan”

4. This page is the comfirmation on your cancellation, just hit “finish”

Once you have done. Try to access or and login, you will get this warning

because this service are no longer available for your ID… Hola! Done the cancellation.

Yahoo Domain Name will not charge you any more at your next billing date.