The world wide web never ceases to amaze with the number of innovations we get from it each day such as on-the-go broadband, Facebook, and recently Google Earth. I play around Google Earth last year, and found that this is a wonderful software that may see my house, my friend house, my company and so on. Just like the James Bond movie shows that able to pin point some one in the world.

WikiMapia, an alternative from Google Earth
WikiMapia does not require to download any software, and direct access from their portal.

With using Wikimapia, I found KOMTAR, the tallest building in Penang Island, Malaysia

For this WikiMapia, the best thing I like is , it can show road name , just click on view -> Hybrib you can see all the road name.

Wikimapia screen shoot on road or street name

With using this kind of wikimapia’s MAP location application, I like to make comparison, see below, both are Penang DAM, new one and old one, see how the different was.

wikimapia on penang dam screen shoot

Wikimapia is really a good web application for us to view on all our location around the world. I can use wikimapia to view the location before I visit, to have better understanding of the geography location.

Try out now!