Do you guys heard before friendster, a friend network website; how about MIRC? a chat room software; blogspot, providing blogging service; yahoo groups, create a interesting topic to discuss; friendfinder, a dating website and a lot of forums. Recently i get know a website which combine all the above service together. is a website that provide free chat rooms, Blogging service, Clubs, free dating service, forums, the purpose is to let you meet new people. This website can be register by all country, i register one for my self and i found a lot of foreigner friend there, this website is nice and help me explore my friend network.

Blog service, just like friendster blog and blogspot service you could make your own blog there, post your daily story and share it to your friend.

Club Service, this section bring along similar interest people together, share and discuss opinion. The club include: business, lifestyle, travel, hobbies, music, movies, food, fashion, and education. In just hobbies categories, there already have 8000 clubs, include : fishing, street racing and much more. you may create own club there too.

The most special feature is the chat room in this website, let u chat with people realtime, just like the MIRC software, without install any software at all.

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