I not sure whether I am using the correct topic or not. I get this name “wireless backhaul” from search engine. I feel that almost similar meaning. Should be the system that I saw as the picture below.

Seen like telescope? My colleague told me use to spy on people in the bathroom 😛

Last week, after I learn how to use the Agilent Cat-6 Tester, me and my colleague, bring the tester to new WAWASAN University building for testing, but who know the cat 6 cable termination process did not finish yet, 240 cat 6 cable need to punch in to 10 patch panel.

Will take about WHAT IS PATCH PANEL in the up comming post. Back to this Wireless Backhaul Microwave system, according to the IT personel… This device synchronize with TNB buildng in the town area, data from the server room will be transmit to TNB building for backup purpose. Any thing happed to the WAWASAN building, they still have backup on another side.

I saw this device have a URL www.proxim.com and I try to visit this website and look for infomation. I found this :

Wireless Backhaul Products

Proxim high-capacity, wireless point to point bridges provide the industry’s most reliable, secure and easily-deployed solutions for interconnecting corporate and telecommunications networks. Proxim’s Tsunami family of point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges provide transparent, carrier-class connectivity with performance options ranging from 11 to 216 Mbps – easily integrating VPN, real-time video, voice-over-IP, and digital PBX connections over a single wireless network. Lynx point-to-point products are the fastest and most economical solutions for expanding or extending telecommunications infrastructures – delivering capacities from fractional T1 to OC-3 wherever needed. Providing the performance of fiber at a fraction of the cost, the Gigalink® Series of millimeter wave radios deliver up to a Gigabit Ethernet speed! TeraOptic(TM) is the latest in free-space optics technology, using light instead of radio frequencies. These products provide high bandwidth without the need for costly licenses or trenching.

According to some of my IT friend, this device is using special frequency that need license. and our ISP are actually have this kind of service, but very expensive.

It is once if the WIFI signal frequency which WIFI frequency range are free of charges standard.