I have visit Pulau Jerejak few years back for a day trip, that time I saw the resort very nice, plan to stay at Jerejak resort 1 days in the future.

Month ago, I visit Matta fair, Pulau Jerejak resort do have some nice offer, I have purchase 2 rooms and went with my friend few week ago. This is the worst resort I ever meet. The reception give me late check in for 2 hours5PM only I get my room.

We have arrive Pulau Jerejak at morning 9am, reception told us that day have more people, so we unable to early check in. As usual, we keep out thing at reception, and went for some activity. No doubt, some of the activity are awesome, the person incharges are very friendly and helpful.

1pm we came back to the reception, and the reception told me only 1 room room available at the moment, another room still not finish cleaning, ask me to come back again at 3pm. We check in 1 room and bring all our stuff to the room 1st and continue our activities.

After having a tired jungle tracking, I reach the reception at 3.30pm to check in my room. The worst thing is the reception still told me the same thing, the room not yet clean, ask me to wait.

Initially we plan to take shower, rest a while, probably have an hour afternoon nap, after that continue our cycling session at 5pm. Due to no room, we all have to stay at 1 room. We feel very uncomfortable because 4 person stay in 1 room, we unable to have a good rest.

After half hour later, I call to reception, still the same asnwer, I start to lost my patient, every 10 minute I give them a call, but they still give me the same answer until 5pm. When I check in my room, I found that the pipe in the toilet, beside the toilet bowl was broken. Furthermore, compare my room with my friend room, the 1st room we check in at 1pm are much more bigger, so to the bathroom.

According to the sales person at Matta fair, they mention the room is deluxe room,very big and comfort , but I don’t feel so when I check in to my room.

jerejak room bathroom

Pulau Jerejak Resort is the worst resort I ever meet. I have talk to the manager, I am trying to complain but the manager told me “We unable to do any thing for you“! What a worst asnwer from Jerejak resort!

When I came back from Jerejak resort, I share my bad experience with most of my friend, they will ask me: “Did the resort give you any thing for compensation? Any complimentary voucher?”

I just can share my experience if friend asking me is Jerejak a nice place? as people said “Bad publicity is also a a publicity“, Mr.Google will shows my experience to those visitor who search for jerejak resort!