Today give history lesson ๐Ÿ™‚ Back to 8 year ago!!!

Does you guys still remember there are a bug called “Y2K Bug“? Is regarding the computer date issue, which the computer only 2 digit for the year such as year 99, instead of year 1999. So when come to year 2000, the figure will turn to “00”

“00” may be mean 1900 or 1800, that time your does not exist yet! Possible your account balance will become “0”, so where your hard earn money?

Y2K card

On that time, computer are still very expensive, price is around RM4000 to RM5000, of course most of the organization not afford to change all the PC, so they invest for this Y2K card. If not mistaken, this card cost them thousand over per pcs.

After install this Y2K card, the computer able to display 4 digit for the year. All the issue are solve.

Y2K card

This card has been testing and testing again before it sold by a lot inventor, although this problem has been solve, but still people worry on the system crash at year 2000.

I still remember people worry on END OF THE WORLD. According to them, they are worry about the military system. Once the system goes mad, and the nuclear boom simply launch and target in different area, the world will be gone!!!Haha! What a funny joke!

For this card, I am just wonder how much it worth now? ๐Ÿ™‚