I always heard people discuss about video blogging recently, I feel that this kind of video blog is very easy to write, no need write much, just few description will do, some more the visitor may stay at the blog longer as long the video finish.

Recently our Malaysian 12th general election finish and bring a shocking defeat. People tend to make story over and over again. In my opinion, we should respect to the election result, and not to discuss this kind of issue any more.

Today, I trying to upload my 1st video over youtube, and I come a cross a funny video, people are make joke again on the political party. The song of YMCA become WHY MCA

Does this video clip sound funny? Just forgot it after you see the crab above, just a joke. Don take it serious :)Following I will upload a series of video blog over iCalvyn.com, including how to obtain £30 Adword Voucher, how to terminate Categorie 7a cable and so on, so remember to come back in another few days 🙂