Already 2 night i did not sleep well, my company server have some minor issue and unstable since Friday night. I need to dail-in there to monitor on the server status.

My server act weird since friday night, the network are slow, the application on workstation are running slow while transaction. When Saturday morning, everything goes normal and my phone are quite,no call from hotel, i have a peacefully saturday and having my shopping nicely. Nearly evening, the morning shift duty manager have sms me, said that the system are well.

Same as saturday night,very peaceful, no call from my company, and i was having my VCD at home till 2am, since next day are sunday ma, noneed work. Who knows sunday morning 8am get a urgent call, said that the system was down on morning 5am… Damm!!! no life for my sunday. So i have ask them to contact the application support personel and they dail in to indexing (some thing like defrag) the system, it take quite long time to do, normally it took 45Min, but today it took 1 and half hour. After indexing still the same, some more worst, the application cannot run at the workstation, totallay cant load at all.

All the GSA (Guest Service Relation) are panic when the system slow, the guest start to make noice with the slow check in and check out. Some more this moning the system down, they need to do manually. Really pity them lo~ some time get scold by those “non understanding stupid” guest.

I have no choice, support on phone also cant solve the issue, so i need to go there and see what can i do. (Sunday working, no Ove time, no allowance and no…nothing, suck benefit)

How to check your PC performance
Previously when i dail-in on morning, i saw the performance in WINDOWS TASK MANAGER are act weired (my server). The percentage are very high. so how i check the system performance, just right click behind start menu, go to TASK MANAGER

Click on the performance tab, you will see the CPU Usage and PF Usage. Last time when my academic time, one of my teacher told us, the Commit Charge (blue circle) must not more then Physical Memory (red circle). Commit charge are the current load program that occupied your RAM and the Physical memory are the memory you have.

Once your Commit Charge more the the Physical Memory, your PC will start slow down. You also able to see which program occupied the RAM by click on processes tab, at the list of program, Mem Usage (blue circle) are the memory occupied by certain program or application

For my case (all the picture are my home PC, not Company server), the Rtvscan.exe current consume 39MB of RAM, if i feel not neccessary there, just click End Process, the program are out. But remember that not all process able to end, once end some needed process, the PC will shut down within 30second. If not mistaken is the svhost.exe

On the other hand, if you see the CPU Usage at performance tab are high, some time near 90% to 100%, your PC are very lack and hang. you also able to check which application use the most at the processes tab, the CPU (Yellow Circle) show the number, normally it will be 99 on those application that consume most CPU Usage

Back to my case
When i arrive company, the indexing is just finish, but the application at workstation are still  cant load… slow like hell. At this moment, a light bulb apear in my mind, imediate i shut down all server, plug out the power cable (to ensure no electrict and the memory buffer able to release), same to my switches, close the power, wait for 5 minute and restart everything. That all, everything goes fine after that.

I back to the Performance tab at TASK MANAGER, the CPU usage are still high, suspected are some spyware in there, occupied the CPU Usage. Damm, loss my whole morning there.