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Netximizer Product Datasheet

After a month preparation for the Netximizer workshop, together with the vendor, the workshop successfully conducted at my company office, I had further understanding on the Internet Continuity and Business Continuity on the product. More information on the product feature, kindly refer to the blog I posted some time ago about Netximizer. Not much information […]

Netximizer The Internet Continuity for Small and Medium Enterprise

What does Internet continuity mean to you? There is no denying: the Internet has become the single most important aspect of business life. Most if not all businesses use it and depend on it (apart from your road-side food stalls maybe). While most organisations may be concerned with the performance of their hardware, network settings […]

Why Website Need CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is know as a solution which enhance your website’s security, operation and performance. CloudFlare provides a proxy in between site visitor and CloudFlare’s server that can cache website content also filter our malicious traffic prior to it hits your web hosting server. CloudFlare is great for every website, which include dynamic and static website. […]

Top Affiliate Networks

The affiliate marketing industry has never really been seen in a positive light. For whatever reason, practitioners have been hard-pressed to establish their legitimacy in the world of professional digital marketers. They are seen as opportunists on their best days and scavengers on their worst ones. It seems that those intent on being affiliate marketers […]

What is Bouce Rate?

For anyone who is conducting business on the internet and hold a Google Analytics account and established with your webpages, it is most likely you are aware the bounce rate for your web site. However , are you aware anything about precisely how its calculated, what your sector’s normal bounce rate is or simply what […]

What do you think about Internet Explorer 9

I have recently been giving the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 a go and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s actually really, really fast and really, really easy to use. And it seems to have made security a priority as you browse the web. The reason I’m surprised is that I’ve been a huge Firefox fan […]

Optimize Website Bring more Lead

Recently I spend a huge amount of time for Internet marketing research, and found that a lot businesses actually know the important of website, but they do not have knowledge on how to market their business online. Some company, they do understand that make their product listed in search engine will bring greater value to their […]