I just browse thought WebmasterMalaysia forum and found a topic “Has anyone made money from Advertlets? ” I saw member comparing NuffNang.com and Advertlets.

For me, i am just a beginner, not much idea can give, what i know about NaffNang is, they give out free Movie ticket for blogger who review the movie, this may be the marketing plan of NuffNang. My friend – Louiss also get some free ticket from NuffNang.

Back to my previous post :Advertlets.com (Season 1), i have register an account in advertlets.com and make a review on this company, after 2 day i send the email to Advertlets, i have recieve a email from Josh, the email mention  i get RM50 with the review.


But the disadvantage is my account need to achieve RM100 only can cash out… This don’t know will be how long only i cash out it…