From this Barracuda Essentials Certified Sales Representative training, you can learn 1. Product overview, 2. Why Barracuda, 3.
Sales focus and complete with a Certification for ESS100. I have completed this today.

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ESS100 Barracuda Essentials Certified Sales Representative Exam Guide

Below list of question as study guide before you entering for the exam.

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1. Which key feature included in Essentials is missing from Mimecast?
Email Continuity
Encryption & DLP
Cloud Backup
Inbound & Outbound Security

2. Which of these describe how Barracuda Essentials complements Microsoft Office 365 security?
Mark all correct answers.
For many customers it can be more a cost effective solution
It fills the gaps in Microsoft’s standard Office 365 security
It provides enhanced defence with an additional dedicated security layer (Y)

3. Which of these features is not included in Barracuda Essentials?
Secure Messaging
Data Leak Prevention
Account Takeover Defence
Compliance Archiving
Cloud Backup

4. Which two layers does Essentials provide in the Barracuda Total Email Protection Suite?
Mark all correct answers.
Security Awareness
Inbox Defense
Gateway Defense
Forensics and Incident Response

5. Which of these are value propositions for Barracuda Essentials?
Mark all correct answers.
Hardware refresh every four years
Preserve email for compliance and e-discovery requests
Provides access during email server outages
100% cloud solution with no local hardware or software
Protection against account takeover and insider risk

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6. If a customer says they don’t need a separate backup because they trust Microsoft to keep their data secure, how do you respond?
Highlight that the Office 365 recycle bin is not a backup solution and provides limited recovery functionality
They don’t have to use that feature in Essentials if they don’t want to
You agree they don’t need a separate backup

7. What should you find out first when competing against Proofpoint?
How many end users the customer needs to protect
Which bundle Proofpoint are offering, and what features are included in that bundle
When the customer’s existing solution is due for renewal

8. What is Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection optimized for?
Both speed and effectiveness

9. Which of these are editions of Barracuda Essentials?
Mark all correct answers.

10. What is the first qualifying question to ask when selling Barracuda Essentials?
Are you migrating to AWS?
Are you migrating to Office 365?
Are you migrating to Microsoft Azure?

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Check out below video, give you a very clear explanation on Barracuda Essentials.

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