From this Barracuda Sentinel Certified Sales Representative training, you can learn 1. Product overview, 2. Why Barracuda, 3. Sales focus training and complete with a Certification for SEN100. I have completed this yesterday!

Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Sentinel Certified Sales Representative Exam Guide

Below list of question as study guide that will assist you to pass the exam!

Name the Tier 1 competitors for Sentinel
Mark all correct answers.
Microsoft ATP

What threats does Barracuda Sentinel help protect against?
Mark all correct answers.
Business Email Compromise
Spear Phishing
Account Takeover

According to FBI, by how much has Business Email Compromise grown since 2016?
86 %

Which customer problem does Sentinel typically solve?
Beyond the gateway inbox defense
Inbound/Outbound Security
Phishing training

What allows for great Inbox Defense through Barracuda’s multi-layered email protection?
Mark all correct answers.
Account Takeover Defense
AI for Social Engineering
Cloud Backup

What is the best Proof of Concept for Sentinel
Customer trials
Email Threat Scanner
Customer Use Cases
Customer Referrals

What makes Context Aware AI so effective?
Mark all correct answers.
Studies user behavior rules
Detects abnormalities based on historical communication
Learns unique communication patterns
Checks reputation of sender

Which Sentinel beyond-the-gateway protection enables the customer to gain visibility into how their email domain is being used?
Phishing Training
AI for Social Engineering
Account Takeover Protection

Context Aware AI is a key Sentinel differentiator. Which competitor has this feature?
No one

What are the three important items that you should consider for your Sentinel sales playbook against competitors?
Mark all correct answers.
Account Takeover risks through email
Benefits of the API architecture
Employee risk through inadequate training
Spearphishing getting past traditional gateways

Check out below video, give you a very clear explanation on Barracuda Sentinal:

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