After finish the easy hike at Bukit Berapit, we went for breakfast near the market at bukit mertajam, after finish the breakfast, we heading to Bukit Hijau, it take quite some time due to far distance between this 2 location.

bukit hijau

When we reach there, not much people, probably too early, just a few group of people are there and Population on Chinese over there are freaking less, seem like only us.

bukit hijau waterfall

waterfall bukit hijau

We have a short distance walk to upper part, and we reach this medium waterfall, and my friend can’t stand any more, jump into the water and enjoy the coolness.

waterfall at bukit hijau

After playing for a while, we continue walk to the higher level, the waterfall over there is much more higher and better view.

bukit hijau waterfall

I also can’t stand it any more with the cold water there, jump into the water, and go near the waterfall, enjoy the free massages.