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Raise Website Google Ranking with Symantec SSL

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and intends to stay that way. Its popularity is a reflection of its aim to provide the best possible user experience. Today, that means a secure experience, which is why Google now boosts a site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking if it secures the entire user session […]

What is Bouce Rate?

For anyone who is conducting business on the internet and hold a Google Analytics account and established with your webpages, it is most likely you are aware the bounce rate for your web site. However , are you aware anything about precisely how its calculated, what your sector’s normal bounce rate is or simply what […]

Google Buy Motorola

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and LIBERTYVILLE, IL at AUGUST 15, 2011, Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) together with Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) at the moment stated that they’ve signed a conclusive arrangement under which Google definitely will purchase Motorola Mobility for $40.00 for each share in cash, or simply a full of approximately $12.5 billion, […]

10 Step to know Google Plus

Love it or hate it, social networking is here to stay. Facebook is the biggest social website but it has a clunky interface that’s riddled with quirks. Nevertheless, persuading its 750 million users to move elsewhere will be a gargantuan task. Recently launched but already boasting a phenomenal 20 million users, Google+ is the search […]

Why Google Provides More Specific Results Than Other Search Engines

Like the majority of the major search engines like Google, Google assembles the web pages in the search index by utilizing special “searchbot” or crawler software to scour the net. Found pages are instantly put into Google’s ever-growing database whenever you try a search, you are searching this database of Webpages, not the website itself. […]

Conversion tracking, Site overlay, Exit page and Traffic sources.

Conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows you to see which phrase generated a sale or inquiry. How does it do this? If you were selling sunglasses and you used the phrase “Rayban sunglasses” in your campaign, when someone puts “Rayban sunglasses” into the search box of Google it would trigger your ad to come up. They […]

Using the Google analytics

If you have an AdWords campaign but are not using the analytics then it is the equivalent of driving at night with the lights switched off! To make any changes for the good you need to see what is going on in with your campaign! Even if you have switched on the analytics you may […]

Google Wave Invitation

Recently google wave is very popular topic among techies, and saw a lot of people posting Google Wave invitation at facebook, unfortunately, all give out very fast. No opportunities to grab one for my self. A friend of mine, Michael Teoh share with me his experience on Google Wave invitation, initially he receive the invitation […]

Free $25 Google Adwords Voucher

More and more advertiser advertise online, as I know, Google adwords will be a good choice if you plan to advertise your business online… Other then Google adwords, you might consider facebook ads as well, my friend advertise there and comment that facebook ads bring some lead to his business. If you never have Google […]