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Repository-managed OracleAS clusters

You store configuration information and metadata in either file-based or database repositories. All instances that share the same configuration information are part of the same farm. A cluster consists of multiple instances that can be from multiple nodes and installations, while an instance can only be part of one cluster. The cluster shares identical configuration […]

Types of OracleAS clusters

After understanding What is OracleAS cluster. There are two types of clusters: clusters managed using a file-based or database repository clusters managed manually by the administrator The first type contains a collection of application server instances. Each instance has identical application deployments. Any configuration changes are replicated across all application server instances in a cluster. […]

What is OracleAS cluster

Cluster characteristics When many OracleAS instances are grouped together according to identical configuration and application membership information, they form a cluster. OracleAS is run on such clusters in order to benefit from the following cluster characteristics: Availability Clustering enhances availability of the entire system. Applications that run in different instances process user requests amongst themselves. […]

High availability and state replication in OracleAS

OracleAS provides several features for ensuring application-level high availability, including session state replication and application state replication. Session state replication Session state replication is a high availability solution that is implemented in OracleAS using OC4J islands, where the OC4J processes replicate their session state with other processes in the island. This replication provides a backup […]

Oracle’s end-to-end high availability solution

A properly implemented end-to-end high availability solution enables you to reduce the possibility that the entire system becomes vulnerable due to a single point of failure. OracleAS is constructed on a grid to ensure high availability. End-to-end high availability solution The end-to-end high availability solution begins when the Web Cache or the Oracle HTTP Server […]

Introduction to high availability in OracleAS

What is High availability concepts? OracleAS 10g provides high availability on all Oracle application tiers by integrating redundancy into the Application Server network infrastructure. A correctly designed redundant network infrastructure eliminates all single points of failure that could bring down an entire system. Availability refers to the amount of time in which an application is […]