Last year I completed my Cisco Black Belt Distributor Stage 1, and this year I stated Cisco Black Belt for Collaboration presales stage 1. If you are interested in this course, you may access via this link

I have completed this course and obtain my self a certificate

cisco blackbelt collaboration presales stage 1

Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Q1 Webex Calling includes Webex Teams and Meetings.

Q2 Select the size businesses Webex Calling is best suited for?
SMB(<100 Users)
Mid-Market (100-1000)
Large Enterprises(1000+)

Q3 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Webex calling is built on regulatory and compliance standards”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q4 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Simple Transition to the cloud”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q5 Pick the best fit word for the description : “One architecture, all connected devices can be managed through the same Webex system”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q6 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Standardize the way you do business on one platform”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q7 Which of the following is not a customer business challenge ?
Service Integration
Easy to manage solution
Consolidated suppliers
None of these

Q8 Affordability and predictability is an example of which communication challenge ?
Easy to manage solution
Minimize Capex and control Opex
Consolidated suppliers
Service Integration

Q9 Which of the following does not describe cloud telephony ?
Calls can be made and taken from any device
Collaboration is possible from any device
A PBX is required
Conferencing is possible from any device

Q10 Who are the competitors in your market today ?
PBX providers, IT providers, hosted UC service providers, OTT players
PBX providers, Software vendors, IT providers, hosted UC service providers
Cable TV companies, phone companies, VOIP providers, wireless vendors
PC manufacturers, tablet computer resellers, Cell Phone vendors, IP-phone vendors

Q11 According to Gartner, how many organizations will choose a cloud calling vendor in the next 24 months ?
None of these

Q12 Which of these is true of UCM cloud global availability?
Data centers in three regions
Orderable in more than 50 countries
Webex Teams is available in 21 languages
All of above are correct

Q13 Large customers might choose a mix of Webex calling and UCM cloud,depending on the customer profile.

Q14 What are partners able to do for their customers ?
Partners can send reports to customers as required or needed
UCM cloud has a multi -tenant partner portal to streamline change management
UCM cloud will support the traditional UCM admin portal to manage devices and services
All of the above

Q15 Which best describes what customers can expect when moving to the cloud ?
Easy to manage solution, service integration, reducing CapEx, consolidate suppliers
No disruption, security, customization, and extended ROI
Security and customization
Security, reducing CapEx, no disruption,easy to manage solution.

Q16 What level of access provides partners with the ability to perform certificate management, view detailed config settings, upload firmware and restart services?
Double secret probation
Privilege level 1
TS Clearance
Level 4 admin

Q17 According to analysts, which of these describe the changing workforce ?
By 2024,teams will rapidly form and disband putting a premium on workforce agility and fluidity
90% of organizations will offer mobility to workers by 2020
82% of Millennials said that workplace technology would influence their choice to accept a new job
All of these are correct

Q18 All of these are responsibility of Cisco except which?
Hosts and operates cloud calling service
Owns the customer relationship
Provides service assurance and availability
Enhances and upgrades service

Q19 Which of these Operations responsibilities belong to Cisco and not the partner ?
Troubleshoot and resolve config issues in UCM cloud
Manage the UCM cloud infrastructure and capacity
Manage the provisioning tools for UCM cloud
Manage all integrations into the UCM cloud

Q20 Which of these is not true of UCM cloud ?
The service can meet the same technical requirements as on-premises UCM while providing increased surviveability and a global footprint
It is designed to be highly customizable and wrapped with partner value added services.
UCM cloud is owned and operated by the carrier/partner
Each customer required a unique private cloud instance and connects via private network

Q21 Which of these represents a greenfield opportunity ?
Current UCM premise or hosted, SWSS renewal flip to the cloud
Private insurance required
Large user base that needs custom multi-year migration
Competitive takeout

Q22 UCM cloud provides a cost effective path to cloud by preserving end – user experiences and endpoint investments.

Note: I completed this Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz at Mar 2021. Question might be change from time to time.

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