As I mention in earlier post, I have complete Cisco Black Belt Distributor last year and complete Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 earlier this month and I have completed another Black belt switching presales stage 1 today. If you interested on this course and certification, you may access via:

I have completed this course and obtain my self another Cisco blackbelt’s certificate:

Cisco Blackbelt Switching Certificate

Cisco Black Belt Switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Q1. What are the key ‘Cloud’ innovations in Catalyst 9k switches? Select 2
Fabric enables wireless
Full NetFlow for Cisco Stealthwatch
256-bit MACsec

Q2. Which of the below ‘Security’ features would you pitch to a customer to convince him to migrate from Catalyst 2960-X switches to Catalyst 9200 Switches? Select 3
Cisco TrustSec
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
Security Group Access Control List (SGACL)
First-Hop Security (FHS)

Q3. Which of the below are key use cases of a Wired Client Sensor? Choose 3
Troubleshooting network problems reported by user
Non-stop routing
Network Latency measurement
Real time monitoring of network from user’s perspective
Secure remote workforce solution

Q4. A customer is migrating from Cisco Catalyst 6800 switch to a scalable, SSO supported Catalyst 9000 Switching platform. Which would be the most suitable Catalyst 9k switch option for this customer?
Catalyst 9600 Series Switch
Catalyst 9500 Series Switch
Catalyst 9400 Series Switch
Catalyst 9200 Series Switch

Q5. What are the key ‘Security’ innovations in Catalyst 9k switches? Select 2
Fabric enabled wireless
Full NetFlow for Cisco Stealthwatch
256-bit MACsec

Q6. Which of the below are key differentiators for power supplies in Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches?
Fast PoE
Perpetual PoE
1900W AC PSU in C9300
Power available from AC+DC Source
All the above

Q7. What is the order of processing Access Control List (ACL) from a source to destination on the Ingress side in a Catalyst 9000 Switch? PACL: Port Based ACL; GACL: Group/Client ACL; VACL: Vlan Based ACL

Q8. What role does Catalyst 9200 switch play in SD-Access fabric?
Control Plane node
Border node
Fabric edge node
None of the above

Q9. Which of the below Access Control List (ACL) on Catalyst 9000 Switch is used for permitting or denying the users coming-in and going-out of the network?
Service ACL
Security ACL
Authentication ACL

Q10. What is the maximum stacking bandwidth in Catalyst 9200 Series Switches?
Upto 180 Gbps
Upto 160 Gbps
Upto 100 Gbps
Upto 80 Gbps

Q11. Which of the below feature of Catalyst 9000 Switching helps in Inventory management?
Access Control List (ACL)
MACSec 256
Buil in RFID

Q12. The Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9000 switches can be deployed in which of the following ways?
High Availability Stateful Switchover (HA SSO)
N+1 Redundancy
Single Switch
All the above

Q13. Which of the below models of Catalyst 9300 Series Switches support 90W UPOE+?

Q14. What are the management capabilities available for Catalyst 9000 Switches?
Cisco DNA Center
Command – Line Interface (CLI)
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
All the above
CLI and WebUI Only

Q15. In a Campus LAN Design, which of the below layers provide wired and wireless connectivity?
Core Layer
Access Layer
Distribution Layer
Any of the above

Note: I completed this Cisco Black Belt Switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz at Mar 2021. Question might be change from time to time.

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