I am graduated as an Information System Engineer, which suppose to be a programmer at the moment, but I am not, because I was easily bored with those programming languages. In the other way, I am very interest in those short command line, such as ms-dos command line.


Ciscopedia, which is a dictionary that has the collection of Cisco command line. This Cisco Pedia contains where, when, why, and how to use the Cisco commands. Most of the new Network engineer, or a beginner who like to learn Cisco Networking Commands must keep this as their weapon 🙂 especially those CCNA, CCNP, CCIE holder.

In CiscoPedia, the content in this software are very informative, it will show the command, the mode, the syntax, syntax description, command description, examples, misconceptions, and also related command, the most I like will be the examples, because for new network engineer who without much experience, can actually more understanding with the example provide.

Let pick a normal command like “VLAN”



copy {flash | ftp | nvram | running-config|startup-config | system | tftp} {flash | ftp | nvram | running-config | startup-config | system | tftp}

Syntax Description:
Specify a source filesystem and destination filesystem.

Command Description:
To copy any file from a source to a destination, use the copy EXEC command. Use the /erase option to erase the destination file system before copying.


Router(config)#copy tftp flash


Related Commands:

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