For most businesses, creating and maintaining a social media presence has an exceptional benefit – that of generating leads.

But let’s start at the beginning; In order to turn social media into effective lead generation tools, you first need to generate an audience, example:

  • Fans for your Facebook business page
  • Followers for your Twitter account
  • Followers for your Instagram account,
  • Company page on LinkedIn
  • YouTube Channel
  • TikTok Channel
  • Xing
  • Pintest
  • VK
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • and even WhatsApp business account

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network

9 methods to increase your reach on social media network

Once you have all this social media network, you may follow this 9 method to increase reach.

1 – Optimize your profile and online presence

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your presence is optimized.

Your profiles and the “About” pages of your social media accounts should be complete: include a clear and concise description of your business, your business logo, attractive cover photo, contact number and your website URL.

2 – Promote your social media accounts everywhere

Promote your business on all of your social networks account: on different pages of your website, on your blog, on the facade of your store or offices, on print ads, on your business cards, in your e-mail marketing messages, and your email signature too.

Many social media networks offer official “Follow” buttons that you can integrate into your website and blog.

If they don’t have one, you can create one yourself and direct them to your social media accounts.

If you refer bottom of my page, there are several icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Page, and Instagram all link to my social media account, respectively.

3 – Share useful and valuable content

It’s not enough to promote your presence, you also need to make sure that your presence is worth following. Your tweets, your posts on Facebook and your news on LinkedIn must therefore offer useful, valuable and engaging content.

Avoid content focused on your product and compose your posts with informative content with the potential to attract more fans and subscribers.

Audiences follow brands on social media because they’re looking for useful information, not just to see your product being promoted.

Regularly assess engagement to determine what content works best for your audience.

4 – Insert social sharing buttons in each content

You need to promote your presence on all available media, but also make it possible for your site visitors and subscribers receiving your emails to share your content with their own networks as easily as possible.

social sharing plugin

Add social sharing buttons (for example, “Share on Facebook”, “Click to Tweet) to all your content:

Make it on every blog post, in your emails, on landing pages offering to download an eBook or webinar, the pages of your eBooks.

May use social sharing plugin (if you are using WordPress like mine). I am using Monarch social sharing plugin from Elegant Themes.

5 – Find, follow and establish relationships with influencers in your sector

Use tools like Twitter Search, and Tweet Grader to classify other Twitter users in your business.

Follow them, participate in discussions and start conversations.

Finally, follow some of the people your followers (and the people you already follow) are following too!

6 – Interact with your subscribers

You must regularly share informative and inspiring content, but also monitor your presence and interact with your fans and subscribers.

Ask questions, be approachable and responsive, and participate in discussions to create a presence your fans will want to follow.

This increases the engagement of your audience, and in the long run increases your leads.

7 – Create a personalized home page on Facebook

Create a custom landing page tab on Facebook that will greet first-time visitors.

Then set the page as your “default destination tab” (the option is available in “manage permissions” when editing your page) and use this tab to encourage new visitors to immediately click Like!

8 – Offer advantages to new subscribers

Studies show that 58% of Facebook users expect exclusive deals on Company Pages.

Consider running promotions and offers that will be exclusively for your fans and followers on social media.

Create a contest on Facebook, also launch an offer on Twitter, which only your followers will be able to obtain.

Regardless of your strategy, users will need to follow you in order to receive specific benefits.

9 – Make use of social locker tools

These are advance strategies, you may provide some lead magnet, such as FREE ebook, voucher or trial services for your audience;

builderall social locker

In order to get it, they require to LIKE and SHARE before they were able to get it.

I am using Builderall‘s social locker for my digital marketing campaign.

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network

As a conclusion, we can see that social media account is very useful, ton of new potential audience and follower you can build daily.

If you are aware on omni channel & multi channel strategies, you require to leverage on all this social media account.

Mean that no matter which social media your visitor use, they can find you there.

Indirectly also create another trust, brand awareness toward your audience.

For example, you may find me at

How many social media network should I claim for my business?

If you are new, I would suggest you claim your brand on multiple social media one by one, one at a time.

Just list out the top 5 or 10 Social Media Network that your audience will be

Sign up one by one by one, optimize it, and follow the 9 method above to increase your reach on social media network.

Do You Know?

By having your profile appear in multiple social media will also help your search engine optimization?

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network” is one of the checklist in my 100+ SEO Checklist.

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