This topic should be Ferry, but mostly photographer won’t give direct word as topic, so I should name my topic as Closer.

Any one can guess why I use this topic? Closer…

To be seriously in photography, I do learn before when last time attend photography class, my teacher use to tell us, every picture we snap, need to have a title, without have a title, the photo is consider rubbish.

So, even I have a digital camera at hand, I also don’t simply snap, and people always ask me:

Calvyn, why don’t snap? shy ah?

And I just give them a simple smile 🙂 , because I do understand CCD in our digital camera have life span, and also the flash.

Last 3 week, week end, Me and Johnathan a.k.a SeraphAngel, went to snap ferry, previously we plan to drive bike, stop into ferry, and start snap, and snap again while return.

Due to the 20 minute travel, we feel not enough for the photo we snap, at the end, we arrive mainland, park our bike there, and we take ferry back to penang again, and when back to mainland to pick up our vehicle at the end. 

Seriously, I did not satisfy with the color of the picture, without edit with software, the picture for me is consider rubbish, but after edit, still can acceptable, but I am still not satisfy with it

The picture look like sunset, but actually is early morning 10am

The weather is not nice, full of haze, so we can’t event snap a clear background of Penang island.

The view is just nice, but when you careful see the water, you will feel disgust.

Because the water actually poluted, all factory behind there leak out dirty water, and also chemical liquid.

I always prefer drive bike, I use to told people I am driving “2 wheel open air sport car“.

IMO, I still feel that driving bike more advantage then driving car. For the picture above, any photographer can stop their car at this location and snap picture? He/She sure get Fcuk from the person incharge there… lol 😀

1 Kangaroo are so lonely

While I am young, my parent always told me this is a gaint kangaroo while we passing by this area.

2 kangaroo will feel more better

at least can chit chat when bored, what a lovely couple 😛

This float are single, just stay alone in the middle of ocean. Sacrify of it loneliness, will bring safty to all the boat there 😀

The sun is coming out, there are too many shadows for the object, photograher don’t like shadows for object, except, they have this title “Shadows”

Transpot will always bring us closer to each others

Hey dude, you both wanna to get sick? this time already 12pm, and the sun is just on top of you… still here to snap picture? You will get sick man… (Johnathan on left, and Nai on right)

Me and johnathan meet Nai at the mainland, Nai is stay at mainland (Bukit Mertajam)

Seriously, this moment are damm hot, sun is just above us. I tough this hot days can get any special effect while we snap picture, but nothing happen 🙂

Lucky this is the ending of the railway, no train at there, and also no officer there to supervice, so we can have our freedom to snap there…

Playing with my 50MM lens, now you see now you don’t

Ops, so blur, can’t realize if the train really come…

I wonder if I make some adjustment to the raiway… What will happen next?