I am always looking on this topic, on how to obtain the WEP key, I found few video which show about how to crack the WEP key. Here is one of the video which I found

Tools needed to crack the WEP keys:

  • Whoppix OS (One of the Linux’s OS)
  • Kismet (Wireless Network Detector)
  • Prism 2.5 chipset (Wireless Receiver)
  • aerodump (Packet Analising software)

Brief Description on above tools:
Special tools and software require for this kind of WEP Cracking. In this situation, the software such as Kismet, and aerodump only run in Linux types of OS(Operation System).

In this case, OS using are Whoppix; to detect the wireless network and wifi channel around you, we need kismet, this software also may detect hidden wireless network.

Aerodump are use to capture the packet which flow between the Access Point and the user.(Recommended to do this in a peak time). The more packet capture, the easy to to obtain the password. In the video, they use about 10minute to capture 160MB packet flow between the user and the accesspoint

On hardware side, not all wireless receiver compatible with the software, In this video, they are using Prism Chipset’s Wifi receiver.

Last step, after collect enough packet, Aircrack is one of the most important tools, it use to recover the WEP password with the packet capture with Aerodump.

Well, if you have linux skill, may have a try on this…