Do you have pet? Your Pet should have name. I remember around 7 year back I have 4 pet, cute little Hamster, each of them also have a name.

If you are a pet owner, such as Dog and Cat, you need to have a tag for them. This is government require. If government servant from the Animal organization found your a Dog or Cat around public area without Tag, they will bring back.

To avoid this, you need a Pet Dog Tags, you may get your Custom Dog Tags at Fat Statement, this company doing a lot of custom design such as Button badge design

Fot this custom Tag design, it just cost you $15 and the delivery to Malaysia is $6, total is $21, will took around 6 to 7 days for the delivery.

This company provide warranty assurance, if the good arrive defect, you may return. They operate this company three and a half years in custom prints on badges in Sweden, and recently this year they goes online.

Give them a support if you plan to make a tags for your pet. This is not a simple tag, is a custom tag with your own design, you may put tour pet picture in the tag too. Worth to make one for your pet.