As a Divi user, some how I am struggling to create a stunning menus and tooltips for my website, now i found this Divi menus and tooltips plugin called Divi Mega Pro.

By a company name Divi Life, one of the product name Divi Mega Pro, a brand-new plugin for creating awesome mega menus to mega tooltips and so much more using the Divi Builder. Divi Mega Pro gives you access to the power of Divi in a new and incredibly useful way, giving your users more options for content with just a simple hover click or touch.

divi mega pro

Divi Mega Pro, a Divi Menus and Tooltips Plugin

Divi Mega Pro allows you to create beautiful full-featured mega menus using the Divi Builder, this means you can craft and gorgeous mega meetings using the Builder you already know and love; Divi Mega Pro lets you create gorgeous mega menus with text, images, maps, tabs, toggles, products, forms and anything else you can think of.

While mega menus are the most obvious use for Divi Mega Pro, it’s really just the beginning with the power of the Divi builder combined with the functionality of Divi Mega Pro ,Divi Life proud to introduce an entirely new way to display content on your website, the mega tooltip. Well, this divi menus and tooltips plugin is really your savvier right?

Mega tooltips are like classic tooltips and that they conveniently give your visitors and the information they need, while keeping them in the same place on the same page, but since you’re using the Divi builder to create the tooltip, it becomes a mega tooltip and you can add so much more than just text and images.

Divi Mega Pro comes feature-packed, letting you easily craft the perfect mega mini or mega tooltip, choose to trigger your mega content with the hover or a click and top or bottom positioning, plus you can choose hover or click for your exit trick or two and even set an exit delay for added user experience.

Divi Mega Pro also gives you the ultimate control over the width of your mega content, letting you select a preset width or a custom width and of course no mega menu or tooltip builder is complete without the ability to add an arrow and customize its shape, color and size; but that’s not all, the Divi Mega Pro also includes a built-in close button customizer for those larger mega minions or mega tooltips, lots of gorgeous animation options, even beautiful pre-designed templates that you can use as a head start for crafting your mega minis or mega tooltips.

Plus Divi Life also have built-in compatibility for their other popular Divi products such as Divi overlays and Divi bars

if you can build it in the Divi builder you can display it with Divi Mega Pro, Divi Life couldn’t be more excited about the new possibilities that Divi Mega Pro brings to Divi websites and Divi Life can’t wait for you to get your hands on.

Until today, I am still proud to be a Divi user. I you also a Divi user, looking for this Divi menus and tooltips plugin, check out Divi Mega Pro!

Meanwhile, if you wish to try also other plugin from Divi Life, eg Divi Overlays, Divi Bars, Dashboard Welcome, logo swap, coming soon and Divi admin color scheme, you might want to consider getting Divi Life All Access Pass. Check out below video for more info.