I believe most of us are familiar with this technology, but a lot of us don’t really know what is the actual term. Some said “Internet phone“, some said “free call from Internet“… But the actual term is call VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

There are a lot of different setup or connection method for VOIP. The most normal VOIP that we usually use will be SKYPE, which is a communication software that able to perform voice call from computer to computer. I use to use this software to contact my friend who stay far a ways from me, different state and oversea, we chating with VOIP few hour without need to paid any extra changes. VOIP also is a recomended tools for those couple who like to contact each others to have casual talk, without worry about the phone bills.

Other then home usage, business voip system will be the best and effective way to reduce calling cost for businesses, now a day, a lot of company invest on VOIP system at their company, and save thousand of dollar per month. Further more, business voip system also reduce those equipment such as PABX which take a big space to located at a company, all this equipment require maintanance cost.

As per my experience, as mention before on category 7 cable, a lot company start to invest in Cat 7 cable because 1 port can install up to 4 IP phone with using VOIP system, which save a lot of cabling cost.