YouTube store alot of interesting video. Agree? Do you think before download it and view it offline? Store at your iPod, mp4 player, or your mobile phone?

Back to my previous post:My Candy Bar (Nokia 6300) I just think before to download some interesting video,  store it in my candy bar and share to my friend or watch it when boring. So i start to search on this topic “How to Download Youtube Video”

There are few types of method, you just simply search “download youtube video” you will get

What you need to do is copy the YouTube URL and paste in the Textbox at, when you hit the download button, and the save box pop up, remember to save your file as FLV file, example “yourfilename.flv”

Other then this Video Downloader, i found another website almost same as this, name, it same as, hit the download button and save as FLV file. This website almost similar to, i guest is from the same webmaster.

There are also a very famous website, which love YouTube a lot, this website Kiss YouTube, so the URL will be, the feature will be better then the above 2 website, it able to show/view the video before download. To download the video, same as above, you need to save as FLV file

After you download this FLV file, you are unable to view it in you Windows Media Player. The file type are not supported, you need to have a free FLV player from or FLY Player from

Ok…  try to play with this few website 1st, then i will continue to show you how to convert it to other format that able to view at your cell phone or Mp4 player or even iPod.

Stay tune… To be Continue on Download YouTube Video (Season2)…