During my eUsahawan Course, I had covered what is email marketing and how it helps small business and start-up, I had introduced a FREE solution to kick-start their email marketing straight away to their existing database.

For a business, if you don’t have the right knowledge or know the right setting for your email setting, very high chance your email falls into recipient spam box, it will be wasted for your marketing campaign. Without the right solution, you might also face the limitation from your email service provider by either had a daily sending limit or get blacklisted by sending bulk email, been mark as email spamming.

List of Email Marketing Solution for Small Business

Email Marketing Tools

For Small Business who need a good solution for their email marketing campaign, wishes to email their existing client with a newsletter or monthly promotions, as long the subscriber/client list below 2000 email, they can leverage this marketing automation platform or so call email marketing services. Not only had higher deliverability into the inbox, but it also won’t bring your domain name or IP address into the blacklist.

Free Email Marketing Solution

MailChimp will provide you the solution, these FREE email marketing services allow you to had a maximum of 2000 subscriber and a monthly allowance of 12,000 email to your client. Let’s assume you had 2000 client’s email, averagely you can send 6 marketing email per month to this 2000 client.

Apart from sending 2000 subscriber and send 12,000 email per month, MailChimp also had a lot of email template for you to choose, just drag and drop editor, allow you to create a wonderful and awesome newsletter or product/service promotional email to your client.

MailChimp Email Template

As a conclusion for this email marketing solution for small business, it is FREE, suitable for those who had below 2000 subscriber and need to send 12,000 email monthly. MailChimp even had mobile apps on IOS and Android for user convenience, do check out below video:

Apart from MailChimp, there is several more similar type of service as below, if you need an alternative, do check out below:

Benchmark Email
Constant Contact