This “Free $50 Google Adword Credit” is a good news for Yahoo’s Small Business Customer,you can apply $55 USD of Google Adword credit if you are a Yahoo Small Business Customer.

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Google provide a special offer for Yahoo Small Business customer, who ever buy domain or services at Yahoo Small Business, entitle to apply a Google Adword Credit

This offer valid for Google Adwords new user only, a total $55 credit can be obtain, and $5 activation, total $50 advertising credit can be get.

To apply this coupon, you require to own a credit card. During sign up Google Adwords account, there are another tips which to avoid charges. when choosing the payment method, choose postpaid method instead of prepaid method, you can avoid Google to charge your credit card for certain amount of money, this is my experience, which mention before on my previous post disapointed with Google Adwords.

Anyway, if you get a domain from Yahoo at $9.95 or any other yahoo product, you are allow to claim $50 google adword credit here.