Yes… ๐Ÿ˜‰ is time for me to do some advertising!!!

Doing manual advertising such as comment at others blog, participate forum, submit article to social bookmarking website able to attract real traffic. All this method are 0 cost, and it take times.

I have been doing this manually to promote my blog since April 2007, and now, I planning to do some advertising.

Back to my previous post regarding to MIRC ICT week, I have mention about the
Complimentary Ebay Consultation and Google Adword free 30days trail. I have send email to Mr HanSon (Malsysia’s Google representative) for this 30days free trail. Very fast respond from Mr.HanSon, few email chit chat with the information require, I get the coupon code already, is MYR120.00

I followed the instruction and sign up the Google Adword, I has choose the Prepayment method instead of PostPaid. My purpose is to avoid over charges if I forgot to stop the advertising campaign.

1st Disappointed
And because of this method, the system show

Your AdWords prepaid funds have been exhausted.We have stopped running your ads until you transfer additional funds into your AdWords account. Please visit your Make Payments page to fund your account and trigger our system to begin serving your ads again. If you need to update your payment details before attempting another payment, please visit your Billing Preferences page.

I am require to paid another MYR40 (minumum) to enable my account.

Although my balance of the account is MYR100 [MYR120 (coupon) – MYR20(activation fees)]

I have send email for google adword support, and ask if I could change to the post paid method to avoid the MYR40 charges, their reply was no! advice is ask me to close existing account and creating another with my preferred payment method( mean the previous coupon will be wasted)

So no choice I need to paid the MYR40… I have started to make a new campaign, while i key in my campaign name and all the keyword I need, then the below come out

2nd Disappointed
See the min bid there is MYR0.04 , but my ads run for few days already also no click, and no impression at all. I send this weired question to the support, the support answer me:

Thank you for your email. I’ve reviewed your account, and I found that all your keywords are currently inactive for search. Your ads won’t show with search results on Google or the search network while your keywords are inactive. Your keywords may become inactive for search if they don’t have a high enough Quality Score and cost-per-click (CPC) bid. This is another way of saying that your keyword or ad group’s CPC bid doesn’t meet the minimum bid required to trigger ads on Google or the search network. (Keywords marked inactive for search may still trigger impressions, clicks and charges for content sites whenever you have the content network enabled.)

WTH! Need to spend more?

By the way, this is also a good experience for me!