ProWritingAid (Grammarly’s Alternative) is a new way for many writers to edit their work, it helps strengthen your writing so that your ideas come across more clearly, and it works with the tools you already use, what’s different about ProWritingAid is that it goes way beyond your typical grammar checker, with 25 different writing reports, ProWritingAid highlight some problem areas in your writing that are hindering your ability to get your ideas across.

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ProWritingAid, Grammarly’s Alternative

ProWritingAid online editor is free to use, just copy your text into the editing tool, and run a summary report. It will provide you with the key actions that will have the greatest impact on your work, you’re writing statistics, and an overview of each individual report. So you know what you’re doing well and what needs a little of work.  The more you use the editing tool, the more you learn and as you’re an understanding of writing techniques increases, your writing will just get better.

What about email or social media? Well, our Chrome extension works on any website so you can check your words before you tweet, post, or push send. Let ProWritingAid turn your good writing into great writing today you.

ProWritingAid Review

As far as my research, ProWritingAid might not have a good UI (User Interface), while function wise, they have a lot more than Grammarly. I have also  asked around in some writer’s group. The majority are using Grammarly (8 out of 10), and the 2 who using ProWritingAid provides such a reply:

ProWritingAid all the way, It Picks up on more and it helps at all levels of writing. Grammarly I find quite basic. PWA is a combination of Grammarly and Hemingway.  f you use Scrivener it also integrates with that, which is handy.

Pro Writing Aid Review

Pro Writing Aid is a lot more than just a grammar/style checker. Lots of great tools Grammarly does not have. Pro Writing Aid is actually designed for professional writers, not just people in general who need helps with grammar. In this case, the name says it all.

ProWritingAid Review

I use both, and I agree neither will replace a human, but I personally think they’re worth it. Sometimes they conflict each other through, so if I wre to choose, I’d say ProwritingAid for life time as is a no brainer.

Well, the last 3rd review above shows “NO BRAINER” deal.

ProWritingAid Pricing Review

When come to a no brainer deal, we have to look deep into their pricing comparison.

Do you know? ProWritingAid price has been increase compare to 2018?

In 2018, the subscription for 1-year is $50, 2-year is $75, 3-year is $100 and lifetime is $175?

If a company that will increase price, I personally think that is a good company, they are growing and the product value is increasing.

ProWritingAid Pricing

Yes, if you compare the pricing with Grammarly, their annual plan is $139.95 vs $70 with ProWritingAid; price point still ProWritingAid win.

1 best part for ProWritingAid is their lifetime plan, which only cost $240, if you compared price to price, 2 Year Grammarly subscription equal to the price you use ProWritingAid for lifetime.

ProWritingAid FREE version

ProWritingAid available in Chrome extension and Firefox extension, you may sign up a FREE account and try using their features. Sign up an account here: