As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I used to conduct online course and training video recording; during my recording, my background does not properly decorate, either at my own living room, bedroom somehow I record my video at the dining room.

To have a proper or professional recording, we usually think about green screen, to have such setup is difficult except you have a proper place and all the video recording equipment. Apart from recording, it also comes to the post recording session; which is editing, and by editing the video, remove green screen and adding background all require skills, is not something easy until I found XSplit VCam, a green screen alternative app for content creator, it make my life easy and I say these apps is really a gem for me.

green screen alternative app

Introducing XSplit VCam, Green Screen Alternative App

Here an app I am using since the beginning of the year, introduce the XSplit VCam, a powerful tool to change your background with just the webcam. For the best experience, XSplit recommend using this app with Windows 10, with at least an Intel 6 generation processor, with HD graphics or any Nvidia eight series, GPU and above.

After downloading and installing XSplit VCam. It will show you a calibration window to run hardware tests, also make sure that your webcam is connected during this session. On the latest release, it does not require you to login to the app, but if you want to log in, you can do so in the menu options.

XSplit VCam’s Add Background

Logging, in an account with a XSplit premium or VCam license, will remove the watermark at the right side of the main window. You can see all the background options available. If you stick with your original background, you can apply a blur to your background using the slider.

xsplit vcam add background

If you want to replace your background, you can choose a local media file or pull from the Unsplash online photo directory, you can even load a web page or a YouTube video as background, replacement backgrounds can be blurred as well.

XSplit VCam’s Setting

Finally, you can remove your background, similar to the effect of a chroma key. You can further adjust the settings by clicking on show setting in the main menu. We recommend leaving the hardware acceleration on automatic, but feel free to adjust quality options and choose if you want to have your chair removed as well. (This option best for gamer who have a wonderful gaming chair)

Xsplit vcam setting

XSplit VCam For Gaming

XSplit is a company where they develop app for gaming, to live stream the gaming. Their core product name Broadcaster & Gamecaster, if you will be gaming, while using XSplit VCam, XSplit recommend enabling Intel, HD, graphics and selecting that for the hardware acceleration.

XSplit VCam For Content Creator and Meeting

Now that you’ve set up XSplit VCam, you can use it with a variety of software, XSplit works with virtually any streaming software such as OBS and XSplit broadcaster, simply add XSplit VCam as a video source. XSplit VCam is also a great tool to use for video calls, you can deploy XSplit VCam as your video source for discord, Skype, Facebook, Messenger, Google, Hangouts WhatsApp, a much more. I personally use it at Cisco Webex and Microsoft Team, it works perfectly for me although the specification does not include Webex and Microsoft team.

(New) XSplit VCam Connect: Webcam

From content creation to business, XSplit VCam is a useful tool for all sorts of situations. The latest update from XSplit, they product a mobile apps name XSplit Connect, which allows you to turn your mobile phone into webcam.

xsplit connect webcam

This is great news for content creator like me because mostly our webcam attach with laptop are low quality, and I personally don’t feel want to spend extra just for an external webcam, hence I use application such as Droidcam as alternative workaround, make my mobile phone as webcam and unfortunately, not that stable, connection lost, streaming turn laggy and buggy. XSplit Connect Webcam come at the right time without extra charges, I can use this green screen alternative app together with my mobile phone as webcam.

Anyway, long story short, you may take a look on below video:

XSplit VCam’s support

Since I own a license, I have experienced some error and seeking for their technical support, seriously there is no 2nd doubt for their support. First, their support patiencely chat with me, provide me troubleshooting step, and I would say they know their product well, once I describe my issue, they know what happen and give me the solution.

How much is XSplit VCam?

Lastly, how much does it cost? XSplit VCam is FREE with watermark, if you would like to purchase the VCam license, they have several subscription plan, you may choose $5.95 monthly or $9.95 every 3 months subscription or $24.95 per year subscription or you even have a lifetime license with only $49.95 . My opinion, the lifetime subscription is consider a no brainer deal for such green screen alternative app. Do visit: for more info.

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